Roundtrip: 4km

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Dorion,ON

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This was one of the hikes I took while I was searching for the river under the rock.  The hike takes you down a logging road to an old bridge and back along the creek.  There are some nice rapids on this creek as well as views of a palisade.

From Thunder Bay drive East on highway 11/17 for 57 km.  Turn left onto Ouimet Canyon Road and follow it for 4.5 km.  Turn left on Crooked Creek Lane N and park at the corner of the driveway to the abandoned house.

On foot continue along Crooked Creek Lane staying left until you reach an old bridge over Coldwater Creek.  If the water is very low you can return at least part of the way by rock hopping down stream.  If you get to a spot where you can’t continue then bushwhack your way out to the hydro line and follow it all the way back past the abandoned house to where you parked.  Make sure you bring a map and compass so you can find your way.

If the water is too high then head back from the bridge back up Crooked Creek Lane just until you reach the Hydro line.  Follow the trail under the hydro line back to the abandoned house and your starting point.

Coldwater Creek

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I hope you're enjoying the site

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