Crimson Ridge Loop

The Crimson Ridge Loop trail is located on land owned by the Crimson Ridge Golf Club. There are two little waterfalls along the trail, one at the beginning and another about halfway around the loop. There is also a pretty little pond and the view from the 18th hole of the golf course is pretty nice too!

Round-trip: 3.5 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Sault Ste. Marie, ON

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This was the first time I got to go out on a hike with the local hiking club after I moved back to the Soo. The local club is a chapter of the Voyageur Trail Association called the Saulteaux Voyageur Trail Club. Everyone was very friendly and I had a nice first time out with this group. Thanks, everybody!

Park at the north end of the Crimson Ridge Golf Course parking lot near the big wooden Voyageur Trail sign. The trail starts here following blue blazes for the first 500m until you turn right onto a service road. You head uphill on this gravel road where you will pass by the East Davignon Creek waterfalls. At the top of the hill turn right at the blue “T” blaze onto the bridge over the creek.

From here you will now be following white blazes instead of blue ones. Follow the white blazes until you cross another bridge and turn left immediately. The trail follows the creek to where it meets a yellow trail. Take the yellow trail to the left near the sign-in box. Follow the yellow trail all the way until you reach the Crimson Pond and continue to the rock outcrop where there is a small bridge and you meet up with the main white trail blazes. Downstream a few meters from here is the other waterfall.

After you have seen the waterfall head west on the white trail. After you pass the hollow tree and climb a few small hills you will see the 18th tee on the left. Definitely check out the view here! When you pass the 18th tee go downhill to where the yellow trail meets back up at the sign-in box. Keep to the left until you are back on the road and then turn right to go over the bridge and then turn left and follow the blue blazes back to the parking area.

These directions sound complicated with all the different blazes and turns but this trail is well-traveled and well marked and it really isn’t too difficult to find your way around the loop.

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