Front of McKay

This short but steep trail is great for a quick workout. I even know a few crazies who strap on heavy backpacks for added fun when they head up this trail –oh you know who you are 😉

Difficulty: Difficult (due to steep incline)
Roundtrip: 700m
General Location: Thunder Bay, ON

Google map can be found here.

The trail starts near the Fort William First Nation Arena on Mission road. About 350m past the arena on the left there is a gated road where you might be able to park. The trail starts just across the road from there.

The trail climbs approximately 130m over a distance of 700m. Partway up there is a short trail off to the right that you can take to get to a lookout. The main trail ends at Mount McKay lookout. There are other trails you can connect to from here if you wish to put together a longer hike.

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