Hazelwood Fire Tower

This tower has been taken down since I was there in 2010, but my other fire tower fans have requested that we keep this page here anyway.

Round-trip: 100 m
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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A reader requested the information for Hazelwood Fire Tower so I thought I’d post it here for everyone. I hadn’t posted it until now because it’s not really hiking since you can drive right up to it. But if you are interested in seeing a fire tower this one is close by and very easy to get to.

Drive about 10km down Hazelwood Drive and take the driveway on the right, just before a powerline. Follow this road staying left (the fork to the right leads to someone’s house) until you reach the tower.

5 thoughts on “Hazelwood Fire Tower”

  1. Thanks Jason, I had heard that the tower had been taken down. It’s too bad. Hope its not a trend!

  2. The tower has been removed, all that remains are the 4 cement anchors that the tower once stood on, they have been dug up and all the land has been bulldozed. there’s not much in the way of a view from up there. Too bad the tower is gone, the old fire towers are a big piece of history in Northwestern ontario, I would highly recommend making a trip to the sistonens tower ive been there twice and its amazing, the bottom portion of the ladder is gone, so you’ll need to be creative to get up there if thats what youre going for.

  3. Went here today,pretty cool.I couldnt get up inside the tower though ,as the bottom section of the ladder is missing.
    Also it’s really sad that people are dumping their trash there.I saw microwave oven,patio furniture,old washing machine as well as household garbage.
    Also thought i would let you know it is Haara Rd you turn right on,just incase anyone else wants to check it out.

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