Jackpine River

Hike along the beach of Lake Superior in Nipigon Bay at the mouth of the Jackpine River. You will have views of Kama Point as well as several islands including Vert and St. Ignace.

Roundtrip: 2km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Nipigon, ON

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From Thunder Bay drive East on Hwy 11/17 for 126km. Turn right on the road located 1.2km past the Kama Point Road. Follow this road staying left until you reach Lake Superior at the mouth of the river. The road is not too rough, but it is narrow? Park off the road and head to the beach. There is a big campsite here but it is often occupied.

There is another road off the highway right at the bridge over the Jackpine river but that one only takes you near the railway bridge and does not go all the way to Lake Superior. If you find yourself on this road you have gone too far.

When you get to the lake take the easy walk west along the pebble beach for about a kilometre. This beach is a great place to find a secluded spot for a swim and a picnic by the lake. It is also possible to walk along the shoreline to the east if you can cross the mouth of the Jackpine River.

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