Lake Superior Shoreline Loop

The Lake Superior Shoreline Loop is one of the rare opportunities available –next to the Lakewalk portion of the SHT –to hike for such a long distance along the north shore of Lake Superior.

Round-Trip: 6km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Grand Marais, MN

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Cascade River State Park has several other great trails. I have mentioned two so far: the Cascade River Loop and the Lookout Mountain Loop.
Park in the free parking along Hwy 61 about 7 miles northeast of Lutsen or 9 miles southwest of Grand Marais. Cross the highway and head down to the shoreline keeping the river on your right. There are a set of steps that lead down near the bridge. Head to the left along the shoreline and follow the trail marked Cascade River Trail. The trail widens when you get to the picnic area. The picnic area is a beautiful area with separate picnic sites including picnic tables and fire pits and amazing large old white cedars.

As you near the end of the lakeshore portion of the trail you pass a backpacking campsite before coming out to highway 61. Cross the road and head uphill until you reach a signpost where the trail splits. Go left here and continue through the forest. At the next signpost go left again and you will come to the group camping area. Follow the road for a bit until you see the sign for the trail on your right. Continue along the trail until you meet another signpost where you will turn left. The trail will go along the river and all the way back to the highway where you started.

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