Loch Lomond Dam

Loch Lomond Dam is a good trip any time of year. In the summer you can hike or bike to the dam and in the winter it makes a good snowshoe hike or ski run –especially since the route is usually packed by snowmobiles.

Round-Trip: 5 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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Squaw Bay is always a great place for a hike. I used to know Squaw Bay Road as Carp River Road. These days I seem to interchange the names and am still not sure which is correct.

I’ve already posted three other hikes along this road: Carp River Road, Carp River Falls, and this time we will head to the Loch Lomond Dam.

From the James St swing bridge turn left and drive east on City Road. Turn right onto Mission Rd. At the turn-off to the Mt McKay Lookout stay left, and you will now be on Squaw Bay Road. Follow Squaw Bay road to the Y at the waterfront. Turn right here onto Brule Road. Drive straight past the turnoff to the treatment centre parking lot and continue along Squaw Bay Road (sometimes called Carp River Road).

You need a 4×4 to get to the parking spot located a few kilometres down Squaw Bay Road. You might want to park in the parking areas near the start of the road if you do not have a 4×4 vehicle as there are not many places to turn around along the road if you can’t make it. Starting your hike at the start of the road will add about 5.5km to the hike.

Make sure you have a map with you as there are several trails that intersect with this one along the way to the dam. From the parking area marked on the google map follow the trail that parallels the river, staying left until you reach the dam. When the water is low you can cross the dam and explore the trails beyond. Return the way you came.

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