Carp River Falls

Hike up the Carp River to the 15 ft falls. On Google Earth and other maps, this river is named the Lamond River but it is also known as the Carp River.

Roundtrip: 3km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

Click here for Google Map.

You can walk right up the river in water shoes if the water is low or you can take the trail to the falls during seasons when the water is higher.

From the James St swing bridge, turn left and drive east on City Road. Turn right onto Mission Rd. At the turn off to the Mt McKay lookout stay left and you will now be on Squaw Bay Road. Follow Squaw Bay road to the Y at the waterfront. Turn right here onto Brule Road. Drive straight past the turnoff to the treatment center parking lot and continue along Carp River Road, shown as Squaw Bay Road on the Google map.

You need a 4×4 to get to the parking spot located a few kilometres down Carp River Road. You might want to park in the parking areas near the start of the road if you do not have a 4×4 vehicle as there are not many places to turn around along the road. You could start your hike here adding about 5.5km to the hike or possibly bike to the start of the trail at the river.

5 thoughts on “Carp River Falls”

  1. Hiked to the falls yesterday in the light fog, which enhanced the unseasonably brown and mossy hues. We parked at the peninsula just past the camp, then walked from there. Toured the side trail that went to the lake lookout at the second peninsula – so beautiful. Next to the falls and then south toward the lake, walked along the shoreline and veered back to the main trail. In total it was 13k of exploring.

  2. There is a sign at the start of Carp River road indicating this is private property and trespassers will be prosecuted.

  3. This road is on the FWFN land so personally I would check with the band office before driving all the way to the “parking area” at the end of Brule Bay road. The road is quite rough now too (Oct. 2014). Alternatively, You can park at the Carp River road / Brule Bay Road junction near the community and go on foot which is exactly 5.7km to the falls. Many areas along this road have great views of the lake and high cliffs on the western side of the road. Great in the fall. The falls are beautiful.

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