Trail Difficulty:? Moderate

Trail Distance:? 4km loop

General Location:? Thunder Bay, ON

Google Map Here.

This is a good trail to hike with tourists.? The views of Lake Superior?from the lookouts will dazzle anyone.? From the trail head you will climb 600 feet above Lake Superior to the first lookout where you get a view of the whole of Isle Royale.? From there the trail winds around the cliff edge to the Northwest where you will then have views of Sturgeon Bay and the rugged Pie Island .?? It is handy to have snowshoes in winter if you plan to do the whole loop.? When I went the trail was not packed beyond the first lookout which made for a lot of??’post-holing’.

From Thunder Bay drive south on Highway 61 until you get to Sturgeon Bay Road.? Turn left down Sturgeon Bay Road and follow Mink Mountain Resort signs.? When you reach the resort go past the check in building and turn left onto Island Drive where you will see the trail head marker on the left.? Park at the end of the road in the turn around area.
Mink Mountain

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