Mt Godfrey Bike Trail Route

I think this is the third route up to the top of Mt Godfrey that I have posted. The first two were the Old Ski Trail Route and the Mt Godfrey Route, and they made their approach more from the East. This route starts from the old ski chalet and heads up more from the West of the mountain.

Round-trip: 5 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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Drive to the old ski lodge on Mountain Road and park in the parking lot. The trail starts on the south side of the parking lot. Hike up the hill from the parking lot for 500m then stay to the right at the big Y intersection. Keep following the trail for another 700m keeping right at each Y intersection.

At about the 1.2km mark take the left trail at the Y. Follow this for 300m and at the next Y take the left trail again. Follow this for 10-20m watching for the bike trail on the right. Follow the bike trail as it zig-zags to the top of Mt Godfrey. Near the top, you will see signs labeled Stolen Tools Trail and Thieves Trail.

There are a bunch of old mountain bike trails here. There are all kinds of ramps, jumps, and bridges that someone put a lot of work into the building. It looks like there were some pretty fun bike routes here that now seem to have been abandoned. They are falling apart and would need some repair before they could be ridden again. Hopefully, I’ll see a new batch of riders up here sometime soon.

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