Mt. Godfrey Old Ski Trail Route

This is a good trail for a snowshoe hike. You will walk through the gully between Mt Rose and Mt Godfrey to a great view facing Mountain Road. From there you go up a fairly steep incline up to Mt Godfrey to the old chair lift site.

Trail Difficulty: Difficult
Trail Distance: 6km loop
General Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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There are many snowmobile trails here so watch out for snowmobilers and make sure you bring a map.

From the parking lot of the water treatment plant on Mission Road head back down the road, you came in on and turn left onto Mt McKay Lookout Drive and hike up the hill toward the toll building. Just past the toll building take the trail to your left. There is no sign but I am told this is called “The Old Sugar Maple Trail”. Follow this trail for about 1 km keeping right then look for a trail off to your left toward Mt Rose. This trail follows the gully for 1 km and meets back up with the Old Sugar Maple Trail where you will go right onto the Sugar Maple Trail until you meet an old ski trail that takes you to the top of Mt Godfrey. Return from the top come down the same way you went up. When you reach the bottom go left and head back on the Old Sugar Maple Trail.

3 thoughts on “Mt. Godfrey Old Ski Trail Route”

  1. Yes it is the old Mt McKay. the Big Chief is the hill you can see from the back off Mountain Rd. There was an old T bar that take you up there. it was a slanted hill, started really steep at top and levels out at bottom.

  2. Is this the old Mount McKay ski area? (Judging by the view of big thunder, I’m guessing so?)

    If so, that would be the old “big chief”area, and that particular run was “Totem”.

    How was the trail shape? Ive wanted to head up that way and see what kind of leftover parts of the old ski hill might still exist.

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