Nipigon River Recreation Trail

Round-trip: 16.4
Difficulty: Difficult
Location: Nipigon, ON

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The Nipigon River Recreation Trail provides fantastic views of Nipigon Bay. It connects the Nipigon and Red Rock Marinas and is the most western section of the Voyageur Hiking Trail. If you are going to hike the whole trail round-trip, it is easier to start at the Red Rock end.

The rocky hills and ridges provide great views of Lake Superior. The highest point is near the Red Rock end of the trail. Use caution near cliff edges there are no barriers or signs. The trail is broken into seven sections that range from easy to difficult, making shorter hikes possible.

There are actually three access points to enable hikers to get to the trail. One is located on the north side of Highway 628, just before the railway tracks on the way into Red Rock. The second is in the Nipigon Marina parking lot. The third is at Sawmill Point in Nipigon, on a gravel road that leads from Newton Street, past the sawmill, and across the railway tracks.

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  1. If your going from Red Rock to Nipigon and back there is also the option to go down the old railway route that are beside the current tracks, it has beautiful views walking between the lake and the sheer cliffs. Instead of crossing the tracks and going to the pedestrian bridge just start walking over the old train bridge

  2. Hi Anna, This trail is packed in winter by foot traffic, there is one section where there are a bunch of stairs, so I don’t think people ski it. But you can’t count on it being packed, so bring snowshoes in the winter, just in case! Susan

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