Picnic Point Trail

You will have great views of Lake Superior as you hike the Picnic Point trail near the Mink Mountain Resort in Thunder Bay.

Trail Distance: 1 km return
Trail Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Location: Thunder Bay, ON

Google Map here.

Great views of Lake Superior along this short trail that takes you to Picnic Point. Near the beginning of the trail, there is a footbridge over an old silver mine adit. This adit is locally referred to as the ‘bat cave’. Bring a headlamp or a flashlight if you are brave enough to enter (beware of the bats!) and you may be able to see some amethyst inside the cave.

About halfway down the trail, there is one short steep section with a fixed rope to help you. Picnic Point itself is a rocky point where you can enjoy the waves of Lake Superior crashing in –even on not-so-windy days.

From Thunder Bay drive south on Highway 61 until you get to Sturgeon Bay Road. Turn left down Sturgeon Bay Road and follow Mink Mountain Resort signs. When you reach the resort go past the check-in building and turn left onto Island Drive. Park at the end of the road in the turn-around area. The trailhead marker is located here at the turn-around.

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  1. As, I would say yes. If that fails you could always hike to the top of mink mtn and then take the wraparound way out to the point. Longer but more manageable with less of an incline/decline

  2. This is an awesome spot.It is one of our favourites,it has a few different trail’s you can follow but is also nice to just sit on the large rocks and enjoy the day by the lake.

  3. This looks like such a great place to sit down and reward yourself with some snacks after a hike. Great photos

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