Point Iroquois Light Station

Point Iroquois Light Station is located near Bay Mills, Michigan, and is part of the Hiawatha National Forest. Along the boardwalk, there are informative signs describing the history of the area and the lighthouse.

Round-trip: 500m
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Bay Mills, Michigan

Click here for Google map of the route.

I like to include accessible routes whenever I can. So while this isn’t much of a hike, it does have a nice boardwalk loop that gives people with special needs the opportunity to be close to the lake and enjoy views of the passing ships.

After you enjoy the boardwalk loop and the shoreline, you can check out the historical displays inside the lighthouse (the indoor museum areas are not accessible). There are some interesting displays about lighthouse keeping and what life was like for the lighthouse keepers and their families. You can even climb the steep spiral staircase to the top of the lighthouse tower.

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  1. I have driven by this so many times. I finally stopped and did the hike! I didn’t know it was so beautiful!

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