Two Fish House Beach

Two Fish House Beach at Red Rock Point is one of my favourite spots on lake superior –especially on a windy day! I almost always stop here whenever I am travelling on highway 61.

Round-trip: 800m
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Grand Portage, MN

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Two Fish House Beach is located 18 km from the Pigeon River border crossing. Look for a pull-off area on the lakeside of the highway, drive down the small road and park out of the way.

Facing the lake from the parking area, to the left (north) there is a long pebble beach to explore.  I have found some nice beach glass here.

If you follow the shoreline to the right (south) you will find a well-worn trail that takes you up along the rocks to Red Rock Point for some big lake superior views. Other hikes close by are Mount Rose and Mount Josephine.

Photos from Two Fish House Beach and Red Rock Point hike.

3 thoughts on “Two Fish House Beach”

  1. Jess Eskola above is correct. Two years ago in May 2022 we had stopped and walked down to sit on the beach for a little while….just as we had done many times over the years. No signs ON THE BEACH. While we were sitting there a guy pulled up (not a ranger) and hollered from the highway (where he was parked on the side facing traffic), that we needed to get off the beach. We packed up our stuff and started trudging up. There was no, “Hey folks, this beach is now off-limits unless you live on the reservation.” All he said to us was you can’t be on here unless you’re a “local”. Other than someone running our license plate, I have no idea how they’d know we weren’t. We complied and didn’t say anything except that I thought it might be helpful to have a No Trespassing sign. He mentioned the sign on the little lane up the highway…we saw that, but did not enter that little road and did not know it had ANYTHING to do with sitting on the beach.
    Seems like an odd way to welcome people to an area where they would like you to spend money (casinos, parks, gas, food, etc.) So in that regard, we will also comply and not patronize anything north of Grand Marais.
    A lovely little beach it is…but be sure you look at if from the side of the road and move quickly on.

  2. Tried to stop for this hike and the road was blocked with a sawhorse and sign “for residents only”. A ranger drove by as we were in the car figuring out our next hike and confirmed that you have to live on the reservation in order to park/access anything in this area. Just posting to save others the trip.

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