River Bend Trail

This hike is all about the view from the top over the Chippewa River and area.

The River Bend Trail is a short steep trail with a 470 ft climb in under one kilometre.  This trail was created by Superior Exploration as a part of a rock climbing development called River Bend Rock.

Round-trip:  800m
Difficulty: Difficult
Location: Batchawana, ON
Map:  Click Here for Google Map

From Sault Ste. Marie, drive west on Highway 17 for about 60km.  Once you pass Chippewa Falls start watching for Mile 38 Road on the right (north), as it is the first road after the falls.  Drive on Mile 38 road watching for the kilometre 9 sign.  Just past the km 9 sign look for parking spots beside the road on a small hill area.

From the parking area walk back along the road until you see the spray-painted tree and flagging tape.  Startup the trail until you come to a spot where the trail branches in 3 directions.   The left fork, and middle fork end at the base of rock climbs.  Stay to the right, to follow the trail to the top.  Once you take in the view from the top, go back down the same way you came.

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