Sawyer Bay

Round-trip: 12 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Location: Pass Lake, ON

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This trail follows an abandoned logging road travelling up and down several medium-sized hills through stands of poplar, fir and spruce ending on the sheltered cobblestone beach of Sawyer Bay at the base of the Sleeping Giant. There are hike-in campsites located at Sawyer Bay and it is a good spot to try out your backpacking skills.

From Thunder Bay, travel East on Hwy 11/17 .  At the Pass Lake, truck stop turn right onto Highway 587 and follow it for about 36 km past the Lake Mary Louise campground entrance to the Kabeyun Trail parking area on the right-hand side of the road just before Silver Islet.

There is a day-use fee that ranges between $8.90 to $16.80 per day. Sleeping Giant Park has “pay and display” parking meters that allow you to pay your entry fee using cash, VISA, MasterCard or American Express. At this time you can’t use your debit card at the pay station.

The trail begins in the Kabeyun Trail parking lot area just south of the information and fee station at the south end of the park. Follow the trail from the parking lot and turn right at the Sawyer Bay trail marker just before the Sea Lion. The trail is wide and well-marked. This is also a popular trail for trail running, biking, and skiing.

5 thoughts on “Sawyer Bay”

  1. i checked this trail out in the middle of october when the leaves were turning colors. it was really nice. ive never taken this trail before as i usually just hike straight to Tee Harbor from the parking lot. i went solo this time as well, instead of going with a crew. after checking out sawyer bay i took the junction trail that takes you to the top of the giant junction before Tee Harbor. it was well worth it. next time i come out here i will take this set of trails again.

  2. This hike is absolutely stunning. A friend and I do this trail once a winter for a weekend camping trip. Seeing the ice heaves on Lake Superior in front of the head, and coming back to the nice calm site at Sawyer Bay is beyond words. Highly recommended – for all seasons.

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  4. What a hike, I was there on the long weekend (monday). We decided to come back through the Talus lake trail with a trip to the chimney as a side. whew!! what a day. The hill out of Sawyer Bay up the talus trail seems to never end, it only gets steeper. but the views from the top of the Giant on that grey day were well worth it. the sun came out later to reward us as we took the easy way back through T-Harbour, We found a little energy at the end of the day for the Sea lion. 29 Kilometers or so, a tiring but memorable day on the Giant

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