Silver Mountain is the site of an old mining operation so be very careful hiking in this area as many of the old mine shafts can still be found and only some have been identified and fenced.

Round-trip: 1 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Nolalu, ON

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Silver Mountain is about 74 km southwest of Thunder Bay. Silver was discovered in the Silver Mountain area in 1884 and between 1884 and 1903, silver was mined from the east and west mines on Silver Mountain.

Silver Mountain is located off of highway 593 (Devon rd.) 3 kilometers south of the old Silver Mountain Station on an unmarked road. (See above map) Drive down this road for 1.3 km and park in the clearing on your left. The trail starts at the parking area. You will need a good 4×4 vehicle to drive to the start of the trail otherwise you can hike the 1.3km uphill. If you get to a gravel pit on the right you have gone too far.

The trail is wide and easy to follow and seems to be used most often by horses and quad runners. It leads to a campsite/lookout where you will have beautiful views over the valley. Return to your car the way you came. The trail does continue from the lookout all the way to Old Silver Mountain road, but it crosses private land and the owner has posted no trespassing signs.

If you are adventurous you can search the area for the remnants of the old Silver Mountain Mines (enter Lybster township in the search on the Abandoned Mines page). There are several mine shafts and adits to find as well as foundations from the old mine buildings. Google Earth shows some pictures of a few of the mine shafts but some of the pictures are not placed in exactly the right location.