Soldier’s Hole

Soldier’s Hole is a popular swimming spot for many Thunder Bay residents. Nearly every local has a story to tell about swimming and jumping off the rocks at Soldier’s Hole.

Round-trip: 1 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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There are a number of ways to gain access to Soldier’s Hole. You can come in from Kinsmen Park, Centennial Park, or bike in from Shuniah Mines. But I think the most common way is to park along Copenhagen Road and hike down the short trail.

From Highway 17 turn onto Copenhagen Road and park on the left at a dirt parking area. See the link to the map above.

From the parking area walk toward the trees and you will easily find the trail as you enter the forest. Follow the well-beaten trail toward the river. The trail has some sections where you walk along the top of a very steep drop. If you bring children with you be sure to keep them in hand through these areas.

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  1. Soldier’s Hole is just to the north of where the Current River passes under hwy17. Before the new construction you could access it just off hwy17 on Copenhagen Rd. Now people are walking in on the bike paths from Centennial Park / Shuniah Mines.

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