Squaw Bay Ice

Walking along the shore of Lake Superior gives a different perspective on a familiar place. The ice formations along the shoreline are different each time you visit, and it is fascinating to see how much activity there is out on the ice during the winter. Don’t forget your camera!

Round-trip: 4+ km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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From the James St swing bridge, turn left and drive east on City Road. Turn right onto Mission Rd. At the turn off to the Mt McKay lookout stay left and you will now be on Squaw Bay Road. Follow Squaw Bay road to the Y at the waterfront. Turn right here onto Brule Road (according to Google) and park along the road turns up to the treatment centre.

From your parking spot head toward the lake and you will find several foot and snowmobile trails to follow out onto the ice. You could go in either direction but I prefer to go to the right (south) and follow the shoreline because it is less populated, and just hike until I feel like turning back. There is a good chance you will find snowmobile tracks to follow and won’t even need your snowshoes, and in a rare weather year you can even skate!

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