The Bat Cave is found in Cavern Lake Nature Reserve just north of Ouimet Canyon. In Cavern Lake Nature Reserve you can find a canyon, a lake, a small waterfall and of course… the bat cave.

Round-trip: 1 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Location: Dorion, ON

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From Thunder Bay, Ontario drive east on Highway 17 for about 80 km and turn left onto Fish Hatchery Road. Stay on Fish Hatchery Road for 6.7 km keeping right at each intersection in order to stay on Fish Hatchery Road.

Turn right at Wolf Lake Road and drive for 5.5 km then park off the road if you do not have a good 4×4 vehicle and then walk along the rough road to the next parking area. If you do have a good 4×4 continue on Wolf Lake Road for 2 more km and then park. Be careful crossing the creek, at certain times of the year the water can be pretty high.

The trail starts in the parking area but is really not easy to find. The trail leads down to the base of the cliff where the bat cave is located. The entrance to the cave is about 20 m wide by 2.5 metres high and the cave is 13 m deep, and of course, you should obey the signs and not enter the cave or disturb the bats.

The bat cave –which visitors are not encouraged to disturb — is a roosting site in the summer and a hibernation site in the winter for several species of bats.? Disturbances may prove harmful to these small winged mammals, especially in winter. For those of you who are freaked out by bats…I have read that the bats do their swarming from July to September.