Fort Creek

The Fort Creek Conservation Area is owned by the Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority. It was built around 1971 to address flood control issues within the city, with the bonus of providing recreational green space. The Hub Trail comes through the Fort Creek Conservation Area and this route follows the Hub Trail part of the way.

Round-trip: 3 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Sault Ste. Marie, ON

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Fort Creek is a popular spot. There are several trails here, and lots of people walk them year-round. In the winter people also ski the various trails, as well as some that are only accessible in winter. It is also a popular spot for tobogganing in the winter.

I have also been told that the milkweed found here provides a habitat for the Monarch Butterfly who will migrate in the fall some 3,000 km from here to California and Mexico for the winter! The Monarch butterfly larvae feed solely on milkweed leaves, absorbing the milkweed poisons that are toxic to humans and animals. Because of the milkweed, they eat both the larvae and the adult butterflies are poisonous to predators.

As with all Sault Ste Marie Regional Conservation Authority properties, the entrance to Fort Creek is not very well signed. You have to be watching for the driveway as you drive along Second Line. From Great Northern Road turn onto Second Line and drive toward Peoples Road. The entrance is the first right after you pass the Finish Rest Home. There is no sign in the driveway. If you get to Carmen’s Way you have gone too far.

Park in the main parking area gets on the paved hub trail heading to the left as you stand facing the water in the flood-way. Follow this paved trail for 1.6 km. You will pass over a few neat bridges and gain some beautiful views of the flood-way lands. At the 1.6 km mark, the trail splits; there is a fork to the right while the Hub trail continues on straight. Take the fork to the right which is a gravel trail. Follow this gravel trail through some very hilly sections as it loops back around to the parking area. As you meet other trails try to stay on the widest and most well-used path. If you take a wrong turn you will end up at Kiwedin School or the Finnish Rest Home.

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  1. Fort Creek is an excellent place, its full of wildlife and vegetation. It is also an excellent place to get in touch with the environment while on a run, walk, jog.

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