Lower Kama

This trail takes you to the top of the cliffs overlooking Kama Point and Lake Superior. The views are fantastic any time of year.

Trail Difficulty: Difficult
Trail Distance: 13 km linear
General Location: Nipigon, ON

Google Map and GPS tracks here.

From Nipigon head East down Hwy 17 about 20 km and look for a parking area on the right just past Camp 81 road. Bring a second vehicle and park it 4km further down the road at the Jackpine River.

From the first parking area cross the road and walk left for about 150m to find the flagged trail just before the start of a short rock-cut. The trail climbs very steeply to the top of the Lower Kama cliffs. The trail follows several amazing lookouts over Kama and Lake Superior. When the trail meets a snowmobile trail goes straight across and keep going for 1 km. You will come to a divide in the trail where you need to go left to get to the Jackpine River Lookout. When you return from the Jackpine lookout go left at the divide to get to your vehicle parked at the Jackpine River.

Another hike that is in this area is Upper Kama.

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  1. I think since this trail was posted here there has been a recognized as an actual trail although not quite the same. This trail is called Kama cliffs, you can park either off of Kama Bay drive (camp 81) or go down to jackpine river which is under 500m away. There is a big sign coming from the east and this is a great loop trail

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