Mt Rose

Mount Rose is located in the NorWesters near Mount McKay and is situated between Crescent Lake and Mount Godfrey.

Roundtrip: 6 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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This hike leads you to the top of Mt Rose then around a loop trail that circles the top of the mountain and then returns back down the same trail you took to the top. The best time to take this hike would be in the fall when the leaves are already down. This is when the views will be the best and the trail will be easiest to follow.

From Mission Road follow the signs to the Mt. McKay Lookout. Park in the campground lot just before the Mt McKay Lookout toll booth. Walk up the road toward the Mt McKay Lookout just past the toll booth and take the trail immediately on the left.

Follow this trail staying right at the fork found at the 200m mark. At 1.2 km look for the trail to the left marked with orange flag tape. Follow this trail up through a gully and then take the trail to the left and you will be on the trail the circumvents the top of Mt Rose. The trail is grown over in some areas and can be hard to follow. The loop trail will return you to the top of the gulley trail and from here you can make your way out the same way you came in.

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