Pigeon River Gorge

This is an adventure off the beaten path –and by that I mean there is no path at all! You will have to navigate by compass through the bush to get here. You could get to this spot pretty easily on the USA side using the Partridge Falls Hiking Trail. But it was fun to just bushwhack in here from the Canadian side.

Distance: 1 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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The area seems to be a part of the Verendrye Provincial Park. The nearby 50-foot Partridge Falls is the start of 20 miles of cascades and falls that result in a 950-foot drop overall that ends with the 100-foot drop at High Falls.

You need to have a good 4×4 vehicle to drive into the starting place. Check the google map link above for the directions. From where you park your car you will have to set your compass and make your way through the forest to the river.

Once you have found your way into a place like this –where there are no roads or pathways to it– it is fascinating to see that there must have been so much activity here long ago. You will see the remains of what looks like an old dam and what seems to be the support for something that might possibly have been a bridge of some kind. I’m not really sure what any of it is, but it definitely seems to be some sort of leftovers from the old logging days.

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  1. Maybe someone else can chime in, but I can’t say I’ve seen it totally frozen over. So you’d have to keep a real eye on the ice.

  2. JR, about 1.5 km down the road that leads to this location is a beaver dam and very muddy area. You would definitely need a proper offroad vehicle with mud tires/lift/winch etc and highly recommended to go with someone else. No cell service, very little traffic. It is a long walk down that road, about 9 km one way but it is not overly difficult. Lots of muddy puddles though. Either way when you get “close” to the falls or the gorge you will have to bushwhack, best to bring a map and compass

  3. Hi there i was wondering from google maps, i notice the roadway, it is a swamp crossing? near the end of that partridge road?
    is swamp really deep? or is it passable on foot? thanks

  4. I just did this hike last weekend but I took an alternate route as I never realized you had a write up on it. Amazing scenery. The road is by no means great, but I made it with the truck to exactly where I hoped. I used my compass to get to the river and the real Bush whack began lol! Ps you should see my google earth and the multitude of pin points I have it. Endless exploration. Haha. I attribute this passion to you. You have opened the door for many to see what is on the other side.

  5. Hi Jim,

    Yes you have to navigate through the swamp to get to the gorge. There is no trail so you need to use your map and compass. Good luck!

  6. hello we went out to look for the gorge. we got stymied at a swampy area .are we on the right track or are we totally at the wrong spot.

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