Pig Pen Chute

I was introduced to Pig Pen Chutes by a friend as a spot to jump off the rocks into the water on a hot day.  It is also a good spot to fish, camp, or picnic.

Round-trip: 200 m
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Thessalon, ON

Click Here for Google Map of the route

Pig Pen Chutes is a narrow, deep, ‘chute’ on the Mississagi River.  It is located at a campsite along the popular Aubrey Falls to Lake Huron canoe route.  The Mississagi has a long history of use by man including the earliest hunting and fishing by native peoples as well as the traders and trappers of the 1700s and 1800s.

From Thessalon, Ontario drive north on Highway 129 for 63.2 km.  Watch for a parking area on the left.  From the parking area take the well-used trail down to the campsite by the river.

This is a fun stop to make on your way to Grindstone Falls and Aubrey Falls.

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