Upper Kama

The Upper Kama trail is located in the Kama Hills Park and it is one of my favorite places summer or winter.

Trail Data

Roundtrip: 8 km
Location: Nipigon, ON
Difficulty: Difficult
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Directions to Trailhead

From Nipigon drive about 20km east and turn left (north) onto a logging road that has a sign for Flemming’s Outfitters. Drive along this logging road for 200m and park near the steel cylinders.

The trail starts across the road from the steel cylinders. Follow the trail south until you meet a snowmobile trail and then head right (east) until you reach a bridge. Just before the bridge, you will see the flagged trail on the north side next to the river.

Upper Kama Hike Details

Upper Kama is known to local ice climbers as Powerline Falls. This hike has waterfalls, streams, cedar forest, and amazing views over Lake Superior.

This trail is not for beginners. You will need to be able to navigate using a copy of the trail map as there are intersections and places where it is harder to find the trail markings. I first learned about this trail in The Thunder Bay Hiking Association‘s Guide Book.  I’m not sure they still produce this book but at the time it had a good map and description of this hike.

The trail will take you to the base of the waterfall, as well as to the top. From the top, you will look over Kama Bay, and possibly even the Sleeping Giant. Follow the map on your return so that you don’t miss hiking through the cedar forest.

8 thoughts on “Upper Kama”

  1. This trail is still clearly marked, there was a couple time I thought I lost trail but i could always look around and see a marker. Also they do have a map at every junction to see where you are

  2. Heading here this weekend.. Anyone know if it’s still clearly marked? And how long the trail is to the falls and back?

  3. I went last week and the trail is now marked with bright pink tape and is very very easy to follow!
    Great hike and lookout!

  4. This was such a beautiful hike! I enjoyed the variety too, as there is a step stone river crossing, ropes, and some very steep parts. I would recommend proper footwear and a camera.

  5. Awesome Hike!!! I little disappointed about the post that it said was no good for dogs. I hike with my Newfoundland most of the time. Left her at home. Too bad she would have loved it!! Post should have read not for small dogs.

  6. This is a good trail, however the markers were hard to follow.
    This is NOT a trail for dogs, as some parts you are climbing very steep rocks.
    All in all good trail.

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