Middle Falls Walk

Take the easy walk to see the beautiful 6m (20ft) high Middle Falls in Pigeon River Provincial Park.

At a Glance

Difficulty: Easy
Location: Thunder Bay, Ontario
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Directions to Trail

From Thunder Bay, Ontario

  1. Drive South on Highway 61 for approx 55 km.
  2. Turn Right onto Highway 593 .
  3. In about 1 km in you’ll see a small gravel driveway with an empty lot which was where the old Middle Falls Campground used to be.

Hike Information

The Middle Falls are located further upstream on the Pigeon River from the more famous High Falls.

In the parking area, you will see a map posted that shows your location and the direction of the trail to the falls. When you’re facing the river, hang a right and this will lead you right to Middle Falls Start to follow the river upstream from the parking area and you will see a sign marking the start of the trail indicating it is .7 km to the Middle Falls.

As you follow the trail upstream you will walk past what little is left of the old Pigeon River Provincial Park campground.  Follow the trail right to the Middle Falls.  You can follow the river just a little further upstream to a rocky area just above the falls that constricts the lazy flow of the Pigeon River water into a narrower channel that begins the rush toward the falls.

Keep in mind that it’s best not to cross the river at any point due to the fact that this river defines an international boundary!  Once you have explored all you want, return to your car the way that you came.

Other hikes in Pigeon River Provincial Park include the Boardwalk Trail, Finger Point Trail, High Falls Trail, Old Logging Trail and the Lookout Trail.

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